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Bay Area Green Solutions is a full service Green Cleaning Certified firm providing environmentally conscious facilities Maintenance solutions to the commercial sector of our community. As a member of the United Stated Green Building Council (USGBC) and Certified with The Green Cleaning Institute (CGI), we are dedicated to the Green Cleaning Movement. We are fully committed to offering our clients low cost Green Cleaning Services as a ecologically sustainable alternative to the traditional custodial services industry. Currently 100% of our green cleaning teams are individually certified as Green Cleaning Technicians by the CGI. Our mission is to bring economically viable Green Cleaning Solutions to a the commercial building industry who cares for it's employees and the environment. We can assist you in being proactive in implementing a ecologically conscious approach while increasing productivity from your staff.

Bay Area Green Solutions provides ongoing extensive and comprehensive training to our staff. One example of this dedication to education the requirement of all new employees to earn "Certified Green Technician" status within the first 45 days of employment as a prerequisite of future employment. This certification and training is administered and awarded by an industry leading independent agency. In addition, our green cleaning program complies with all USGBC standards for LEED prerequisites in attaining valuable points towards your individual LEED certification for existing buildings or new construction. We can assist you with a comprehensive plan to save you valuable resources and establish a certifiable and environmentally progressive Green Cleaning program.

Many firms today wish to cash in on the green movement without fully committing to it's principles. This is evident when token green cleaning products are added into their cleaning programs in an attempt to enhance their profile and appear Green. It takes dedication and a system wide comprehensive approach to the entire cleaning program philosophy to truly qualify as a Green Cleaning program. This what you can count on with Bay Area Green Solutions. Our ownership, executive and management team has served the commercial facilities maintenance industry since 1984. Our clients include several of the most recognizable industry leaders in the Country. We have reduced our clients daily carbon footprint by over 2 million square feet per day. Let us provide you with a Green Cleaning Solution today.

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