Facilities Maintenance Services


Bay Area Green Solutions is a full-service, Green Certified facilities maintenance company, providing proffesional cost-effective green facilities management solutions. B.A.G.S provides exceptional service and workmanship at reasonable prices. 

With more than 30 years of facilities services experience, our staff is keenly aware of the unique characteristics and operating issues associated with servicing the commercial market. Customer satisfaction is our paramount goal. We meet and exceed this by providing the highest quality service, coupled with continual communication to each of our customers. We work together with you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs. This allows us to customize a flexible program that will work best for you. B.A.G.S serves as a trusted partner and advisor for a growing list of environmentally conscious professional partners.

Green Cleaning Fundamentals

  • Zero-in on the building entrances. The majority of pollutants enter the buildings on people’s feet, it is vital to implement indoor air quality programs to trap and remove dirt before it enters the building. Placing adequate floor mats together with a daily cleaning maintenance program will reduce pollutants considerably.

  • Improve indoor air quality by reducing chemicals and particles in the air. Capturing dust and dirt minimizes the use of chemicals. Use of EPA compliant cleaning products also improves the quality of the air. We train our staff on the use and application of green products. Microfiber dust cloths reduce air pollution and can reduce or eliminate chemical use.    

  • Attention must be focused on touch-points such bathroom fixtures, door handles, doors plates, bright work and every area where people come in contact with the building.    

  • All restrooms must be properly disinfected and dwell-time of applied products is the key. This ensures proper use and reduces chemical usage.  

  • Vacuuming: When implementing green cleaning programs, consider Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label approved products and HEPA filtration vacuums.  Frequent cleaning the vacuum filtration device and components will improve air quality and performance.  

  • Focus on safety and prevention of cross-contamination. Proper use and storage of chemicals help support green cleaning and indoor air quality programs. Labeling all cleaning products mitigates the risk of cross-contamination. Stress the importance of proper storage of any cleaning materials.

  • Use of green paper products, such as recycled tissues and towels bleached without the use of chlorine.  

  • Implement, promote and facilitate an effective recycling program.  

  • Create a communication program, so that building occupants understand they are part of the solution. Timely spill/accident notification, food clean-up and clutter reduction will help to ensure a healthy facility.